Landshut & Umgebung

Landshut & the surrounding area

The old town of Landshut is superbly maintained. The town’s character is shaped by half-timbered buildings and the tower of St. Martin’s Church and is the setting for Trausnitz Castle high above the Isar river. There is plenty of unspoiled nature waiting to be discovered along the Isar and the town’s surrounding area.

Many of the most popular attractions are close by to our hotel in Altdorf near Landshut. The restaurants in the neighbourhood offer culinary highlights. Events and festivals such as the Landshut Wedding, the Bartlmädult festival in late summer and the Christmas market are always worth a visit. Cultural events such as the theatre, concerts and festivals also lie in store. Right outside of the town’s gates are expansive cycling and walking paths including the Landshuter Höhenwanderweg hiking trail and the Isar cycling trail to Munich.

Restaurant tip: Restaurant La Strada – Restaurant in the Sleep Inn Hotel’s courtyard

Altdorf im Altmühltal

Culture & sightseeing

The medieval charm of Landshut always impresses visitors to the town. Guided tours and special offers take you on a journey through the town’s history. Visit the Spitalkirche Heilig-Geist auxiliary church or be enchanted by the Landshut museum with its Kasimirmuseum, the museum for children and young people.


Built in the late 17th century, the Holy Cross Church is an especially impressive testimony to historic architecture. Decorated inside with elaborate stucco work, today the church is used as a concert hall.


The St. Peter and Paul monastery was funded by Duke Heinrich XIII from Lower Bavaria in the 13th century. Today the early Gothic cloister of the abbey is used for exhibitions.


The park-like garden with its many exotic plants and decorative ducal castle form a pretty little ensemble and hark back to the time when Landshut was a Bavarian ducal seat.


This leisure and water park is located in east Landshut and impresses visitors of all ages with its sauna, outdoor pool and 78m long “Black Hole” slide.


This farmyard and beer garden is one of the oldest open-air museums in Bavaria. Here you can see traditional crafts and experience what life was like in former times.


The castle is one of the town’s best-known landmarks. In addition to tours of the castle, it is also the location of some large events such as the annual castle festival.

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